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1. What is MCA service?
MCA (Missed Call Alert) is a service that gives you information about the calls you miss when your phone is switched off, busy or unreachable.

2. How to subscribeand un-subscribe from MCA service?
There are two ways to subscribe/unsubscribe MCA service, Viz. USSD or SMS methods.

Using USSD
You have to dial *1400# and select required option (1, 2 or 3) out of the menu shown.Menu will appear as given below.
a) Subscribe
b) Unsubscribe
c) Status

Using SMS Keyword
a. Subscription :Type sub mca and send SMS to 1400
b. Unsubscription :Type unsub mca and send SMS to 1400
c. Status :Type status and send SMS to 1400
3. How to check my current MCA status?
Please dial *1400# and select option 3 or you can type status and send SMS to 1400 to know your MCA status. It shows whether you are subscribed or unsubscribed and the validity period if already subscribed.

4. What is the cost for this service?
This service costs NRs. 6 per month (inclusive of Taxes).

5. Is this service auto renewed?
No, you have to re-subscribe this service after your previous subscription expires.

6. How to renew my MCA service?
You have type sub mca and send SMS to 1400 again.

7. Is this MCA service available when I am on roaming?
Yes. This MCA service is available to you when you are at roaming and connected to partner network.

8. How do I know that I have Missed called alert ?
If you miss any call you will receive SMS from ‘MissedCall’ in the format given below.

“You have missed call from 984XXXXXXX(number) at 2018-05-29 00:00:01”

Where number represents the total call attempts to your mobile number from the same user.

9. Where do I inform if I have problem with MCA Service?
Please call 1498 if you have any issue with MCA.

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